Name: BUDDERMAN908 or Cy

Age: 16

Time Zone/Country/State: PST (GMT-8)/United States/California
Reason for applying: My reason for applying would be because this is a fairly new server & I feel I could bring a lot to the table for such. I have a lot of Moderation & Administrative experience in minecraft servers.

Any Staff experiences or previous servers ran: Yes I have been a Moderator on 3 servers 2 of which shut down [ all 3 were modded], and i was an Admin on a small Towny server way back when.

Why do you think you fit this team: I think I fit this team because I am a very happy & friendly person. I am also a very good leader & tend to motivate & inspire other members, & finally I am very skilled at resolving conflict in a mature & appropriate way.

What is your goal as a group in GrumpiCraft: My goal for GrumpiCraft would to expand our playerbase quick and effectively. I would also make it a goal to establish a stable group of staff allowing everyone to remain happy and feel a warm welcome everyday they log on. If i was to become a moderator I would make sure to welcome all new members, solve any problems the players may have, & ensure a healthy growth of the server.

What would you consider a good Moderating job, and why?: I would consider a good Moderator to be someone who knows how to deal with conflict well & someone who ensures the rules are met to the dot.

PS: I do have semi-good plugin experience & if Administrative positions are needed rather then Moderator positions I would take either.