GrumpiCraft 2.0

By Xotius - Posted Dec 3, 18

Hey everyone! 

X here with some amazing news for everyone.

So GrumpiCraft started kind of hasty, and honestly, pretty crappy. Now that I have an amazing team, and supportive players, GrumpiCraft is getting a better and more fun upgrade. I will be explaining this upgrade here in the article.

So when i started GrumpiCraft, i started it offline on my personal computer, and so far, it has been good. BUT i was doing all this on my own and could not find any errors in my codes, or permissions because it was only me, and i dont know what everyone does or uses in these servers. So i just uploaded everything on the ONLINE server and gave it a shot. I have been given so many pointers and heads up, that I and my Dev team have been working hard on fixing them. When thanks giving came around, we decided it was best to just start from scratch on my personal computer again and just rework EVERYTHING. 

The new GrumpiCraft will host much better, and easier gameplay for everyone, with guides, helplinks, and even better NPCs to show you around. We are building a brand new spawn and rank system. We are still in talks on a rank-up system as we are using a medieval theme instead of the Modern/CommonEra theme. So, if you have ideas on a rank-up system, just shoot me or my team a message and we will discuss it and decide if it will work great for GrumpiCraft. 

Onwards. Other than the new spawn and ranking system, we are implying more and better plugins with a more mmo feeling to it. We want the grind, because we know you enjoy the grind. (sometimes) Marriage can also be implemented, as its still being discussed. 


I am wanting to add events into GrumpiCraft. im looking for any and every idea in the books, We already have one that we will be implementing as soon as GrumpiCraft 2.0 is public. This event is every weekend, we will post a thread on the forums where everyone can see the post, and this post will be cordinates for a chest with a chest ket inside with a random prize crate, can be a rank, money, or even more. more to come on this topic soon.

We are looking foward to hearing back on this guys, i want your opinions, i want to hear what you want to see happen inside GrumpiCraft. 

Also, the following dates, GrumpiCraft will be offline to the public.

December 15th-December 18th GrumpiCraft will be completely offline for the GrumpiCraft 2.0 Update.

December 19 - December 22nd GrumpiCraft will be open for our Beta players.

On December 23rd, GrumpiCraft will be back to public use!

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