Host Updates

By Xotius - Posted Feb 18, 19

Hey everyone! Its X here.

So we have some wonderful news,

Firstly, we have some great new staff, staff has been reworked this past momth, and I am very happy with everything by far.

To name em out..

Admin: MorbidPanda

Co-Owner: Liiion

Builder: MoodyPanda


On other notes, WE CHANGED HOSTS!

We previously were using Shockbyte hosting, no one was able to truely join and stay connected.

Now we have changed hosts to PebbleHost and we are hoping this was a good move. Sorry for those who were caught right into the middle of it, i sincerely apologize for that. Please PM me if you need things transfered from the old host to the new host, as i know there will be bugs, me and the team will be for sure to fix all bugs..

On other terms,

The Server donator page is complete, ranks, keys, etc are ready for purchase at any time.


Thank you everyone for your patience, time, and suggestions and what not, lets make this a great year for GrumpiCraft.

Side Note: Grumpi May see an adition to the Grumpi Series soon :) Stay tuned!

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